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The Diva


KC's favorite bartender! James Perryman is also the frontman for what many consider to be KC's most okayest band. As lead singer James is often lauded for his perfect pitch and stunning vocal control. As a Kansas City native, James has been performing professionally in the regional area for over 20 years (Don't do the math. He still thinks he's 25 and we don't want to upset him).

The Grumpy One


Kyle Francis Aaron is not only an extremely talented songwriter and performer, but he is also an awarded tennis pro. Along with slappin' da beeass in The James Perryman Band, he also writes original music under the pseudonym "The Village Prairie" (Don't ask Kyle about his pseudonym, he doesn't know what that word means and will probably say "him/he"). Listen to Kyle's original music here.

The Dad


When he's not educating Kyle on the specifics of electrical impedance and asking him about his pseudonym, Dan Kiddle is unapologetically playing blues licks over just about any song he can get away with.

Electrical engineer by day and father to two girls, Dan also handles the production, sound design, graphic design, and booking, and is pretty sure he's always right so don't even question it.

The Heart-throb

Tony Batenhorst, percussionist extraordinaire. When he's not whippin' out some weird bell shaker thing out of nowhere, he's whippin' out sweet sweet love to all the ladies

(Just kidding. He's very committed to his lovely wife. Hi Sarah!).

Tony hails from Nebraska and has absolutely no idea where anything is around here. He teaches music to kids, used to be in a steel drum band, and is just like a really good guy.

Tony's superpower is impeccable timing and discretion...and a magic Mary Poppins purse of jingle-bells, shakers, cabasas, little hand drums, whistles, cow-bells, sandpaper, grinders, embroideries...


Meet The Band

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